the sad reality…

Blog about my everyday life? Work, eat, sleep, worry, pay bills, repeat until dead…..


Published by: arrlenblackwolf

I've tried my hand at drawing, sketching and such, but i could never genuinely bring to the page what my mind was conjuring. I therefore resolved that I would use words and turn of phrase to paint upon canvases of splayed human flesh with blood and bile; to use my pen as a gleaming, razor-edged meatcleaver that fills my pallette with the desaturated tones in which nightmares are cast. Once I thought I might take up tattooing; as it turned out, I've no hand for that, either. Now I choose instead to engrave not the flesh, but the mind, to impart upon it with permanancy greater than ink things that can't be unseen, thoughts which can't be unthought, to forever scar the minds of my readers and sign it in my own blood. I'm a musician, of sorts, and I've composed, played, and sung music of all kinds, as long as it was metal (wink). I've performed for less-than-overwhelmed audiences as well as people who were completely enthralled. Lately, though, I've derived the same pleasure from conducting choruses of lost souls on paper, composing symphonies of bloodshed through digital media, the horrible things that go bump in the night each playing their parts to perfection. Every note is a splatter of blood on the staves, every slice and stroke of the pen masterfully waltzing from piano to allegro and all in between, 'til the gurgling death rattle signals the coda. Write horror? I AM horror....

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